This Is What Happens When A Gas Engine Is Run On Hand Sanitizer Fluid

running gas engine on hand sanitizer Project Farm Hand

Curiosity can bring out a lot of information and can teach some valuable stuff as well. The owner of the YouTube channel Project Farm was curious to find out if the hand sanitizer can work as a substitute for gasoline in his single-cylinder lawnmower engine or not. To check this, he put together a test and got the results. He used the liquid form of Alcohol-based Clorox sanitizer which has low viscosity to make sure that it doesn’t clog up the lines. Usually, the hand sanitizers come in the form of gel and have a considerably high thickness to be used as a fuel.

Project Farm Hand Sanitizer Experiment

The sanitizer used in the experiment is nearly 68% ethanol and 7% isopropyl alcohol. Both of these items are combustible. Therefore, in theory, it can work. However, in practice, the host finds it challenging to keep the engine running even when no load is applied to it. The sanitizer combusted in the engine but it was not as effective as the regular gasoline is. Therefore, the answer to the question that can a gas engine run using a hand sanitizer is a no; it cannot! For the record, please do not try to perform this experiment at home and especially not on your car. The results will not be pretty.

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