This Is What Causes A New Car Smell


The smell of a new car a strangely fascinating. Although the exact distinct aroma is hard to replicate, there is no shortage of sprays and air fresheners that tried to recreate that aura.


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So, what exactly is the Smell of a New Car?

The smell of a new car is so unnatural, even though it is clean and in its most pristine state. The unique new car smell comes from the release of various chemicals, plasticisers, lubricants, paints, and sealants used in the manufacturing of the interior and the exterior of a vehicle.


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To ensure that the design of a car is enduring and maintains its sleek look for as long as possible, the cars are designed with the materials that could resist corrosion and uphold against burns and bruises in a variety of temperatures. Thus, enduring vinyl compounds and plastics are used to manufacture a car.


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These formulae ensure longevity and durability of your drive. For instance, polyurethane protects the car from damaging temperatures, weather, radiation, and also acts as a shield against harsh solvents while the polyethene terephthalate (which usually goes by the name of polyester) is used as a coating on the windshield wipers, engine cover, and connector housings.

The distinct and unique smell of a new car comes from these complex mixtures. While most of the people are in love with the smell of a new car, it can also be toxic!


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Nearly all the compounds are volatile organic compounds (VOC) that rapidly vaporise even at low temperatures. Numerous scientific studies have attempted to determine if these smells are toxic enough in the long term and pose any health risks.

Some of these chemicals are included in glues and paints and thus, can cause headaches, allergies, dizziness, or even cancer if a large number of these molecules are inhaled.


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The easy way to stay safe is to roll down the window and allow the vapours of the chemicals to escape. So now you know why a new car smells that way!

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