This Is The World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch – And It Costs Nearly $2 Million

The world’s thinnest mechanical watch has been unveiled by Richard Mille along with the design collaboration of the motorsports racing team “Ferrari”. The model “RM UP-01 Ferrari” has now laid claim to the title with a thickness of about 1.75 mm, and it comes with a whopping price of $1,888,000. Sounds expensive, right?

Wrist watches have long been known as a symbol of royalty and luxury until about this century when they have become quite common. Now, you can wear them to count your footsteps, measure your heartbeat, and even gauge your body temperature. But apart from the technological innovations, these artistic winding watches that only display time in hours, minutes, and seconds are quite rare nowadays, and this RM UP-01 Ferrari watch has made history as being the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. You would be amazed to know that “Bulgari” struck a familiar chord three months ago with its “Octo Finniso Ultra” in March and broke the 2018 world record of “Piaget” by bringing in the watch which had 1.80 mm of thickness. However, Piaget holds the title of being the world’s thinnest watch, having 2 mm of thickness until Bulgari broke this record. But now, Ferrari has gotten this privilege.

Coming to the design characteristics of this incredibly amazing watch, this masterpiece is a result of the efforts of the Swiss luxury watchmaker “Richard Mille” and the car racing team “Ferrari”. The team achieved this thinnest watch by using a “variable inertia balance wheel,” which automatically reduces its thickness by up to the intended level without causing any harm to its functional capability. Although the watch gives the appearance of a fragile creature, it is interesting to note that it can hold out against enormous accelerations of around 5000Gs. This is unbelievable.

Coupled with this, the main case of the watch, along with the movement petal, is composed of “Grade 5 titanium”. The reason behind assimilating the watch with “Grade 5 titanium” is because of the qualities of shock resistance and water resistance (up to 10 meters) that it can provide. Moreover, along with the time, you will get a choice to pick a winding or setting selector as well in the structural capacity of the watch. However, only 150 units of this luxurious watch have been made so far, and if you want to be on the list of these lucky people, then grab yourself with this amazing watch.

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