This Is The World’s Smallest TV – And It Is Absolutely Tiny

The TinyTV range was created by Ken Burns, the Founder and President of TinyCircuits, and is manufactured in Ohio, USA. The small electronics company launched its first project, a miniature computer processor called the TinyDuino project, in 2012.

In a world where tech is getting bigger and bigger, TinyCircuits has decided to go the opposite way by making the world’s smallest TV. It has unveiled two new prototypes, one with a 0.6-inch (15mm) display and one with a 1.0-inch (26mm) display. These tiny TVs are true to their retro aesthetic and come with two rotating knobs to change the volume and the channels (videos).

The smaller sibling, the TinyTV Mini, is the size of a postage stamp but still boasts an impressive hour of playback time. They are currently in the Kickstarter stage and have raised over £111,650 ($128,640).

Videos can be played on the TinyTV using a USB-C cable, which can be connected to your computer, phone, or laptop. Both the TinyTVs come with an 8GB microSD card already installed, which can hold footage for up to 40 hours (depending upon the size and quality of the footage). They also come pre-installed with some open-source videos. However, users can load their favorite movies or any form of video content by copying them to the TinyTVs (videos need to be converted first into a TinyTV-friendly format using the free software by TinyCircuits).

The inbuilt software allows the users to apply different types of effects on their TinyTVs, like static and video looping. While the TinyTVs have knobs to control the volume and change the channels, TinyCircuits has also created an optional infrared remote control. This remote control can turn on the device, alter the volume or change the video playing.

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