This Is The World’s Smallest Electric Skateboard That Can Also Charge Your Phone


Electric Skateboards are becoming trendy nowadays and it is not going to slow down anytime soon. Different kinds are available across the retail market. Some are flashy, stylish and consist of many accessories while others are maneuverable and easy to hold in your hands. Here we are going to present you with a handy little board called “bolt” that can become your favourite board due to its extraordinary mobility enhancement. It runs on its own power, it can recharge your gadgets and it also comes with some really cool features and a neat design.


The basic idea behind the skateboard is that in between long walks to workplace or college, one is not in the need of flashy or “over-smart” boards, but rather a perfectly sized easy-going board that can ease the agony of walking. Bolt tries to address this issue in a simple yet effective way.


The board is powered by a 2,000 Watt motor which is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery that runs for around 10 km. The range is perfect as the bolt manages to cover the distance that an average university student has to cover each day. It also gives a 21 km/h top speed that puts it near the average speed of bicycles. This is a very important advancement in skateboard tech as skateboards have been labelled “slow” by cycling enthusiasts hence bolt has caught up with the two wheelers in terms of speed. With this speed and automatic thrust, it can equal any bicycle’s appeal. Plus, skateboards are way cooler than bikes! Bolt also comes with rear and back-lighting to alert motorists of their presence.


The compact design of this great board allows it to be carried along with a backpack. It measures only 60 centimeters in length and weighs only 4 kg. There is also a power outlet for charging your smartphone, iPod or any other gadget.

The project is undergoing funding through Indiegogo and is in the process of meeting the 50,000 dollar benchmark with 20 days to go. There are several different options to choose from but the cheapest “early bolt” is being offered @ 599$ and it is expected to be shipped from October 2015.

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