This Is The World’s Most Powerful Sailing Ship – And It Is Absolutely Huge

Berge Bulk, led by James Marshall, has unveiled the upgraded Berge Olympus, a massive cargo ship. It now features four WindWings from Yara Marine Technologies. Berge Bulk aims to be carbon neutral by 2025, and they claim that the Berge Olympus is now the most powerful cargo ship that uses wind power.

By adding these four WindWings, the Berge Olympus will save six tons of fuel daily when sailing worldwide, reducing CO2 emissions by about 19.5 tons each day. They’re considering adding WindWings to more ships that sail in windy areas. The Berge Olympus will travel between Brazil and China, a route known for having strong winds.

Each WindWing is 20 meters wide and 37.5 meters tall, taller than a 10-story building. All four WindWings together cover 3,000 square meters, which is more than three times the wingspan of an A380 airplane.

Additionally, the Berge Olympus has a shaft generator system to save fuel and reduce emissions. It’s powered by the main engine and generates electricity for the ship, eliminating the need for auxiliary engines while at sea.

James Marshall, Berge Bulk’s CEO, explained their commitment to efficiency and reducing their environmental impact. They’ve already achieved a 46% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne mile, surpassing the 2030 IMO target.

Marshall said: “At Berge Bulk, we are constantly striving to enhance our efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our existing fleet. From 2008 until today, we have achieved a remarkable 46% reduction in our CO2 emissions per tonne mile, already surpassing the 2030 IMO target for reducing carbon emissions intensity.”

John Cooper, CEO of BAR Technologies, expressed their pride in leading wind-assisted propulsion with WindWings and their shared vision with Berge Bulk. They’re actively working on more sustainable solutions for the shipping industry.

Cooper said: “We’re immensely proud to be spearheading wind-assisted propulsion through the development of WindWings and through our shared vision with Berge Bulk to launch the world’s most powerful sailing cargo ship. We cannot afford to stand still in developing sustainable solutions for the shipping industry. We believe there is more to be done to harness wind power and push shipping into a greener, and more efficient era. To that end, we are already working on superior hydrodynamics and new types of accommodation blocks with several vessel designers.”

Thomas Koniordos, CEO of Yara Marine Technologies, highlighted the potential of wind-assisted propulsion in helping the shipping industry move towards net zero emissions.

Koniordos said: “Wind-assisted propulsion has the potential to offer immediate long-term solutions for shipping’s pathway to net zero.”

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