This Is The World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Cheese – And It Costs Just €30,000

A new food-related world record is garnering global attention, this time revolving around a distinct type of cheese. Hailing from Northern Spain, various blue cheese has secured its place as the world’s most expensive cheese sold at an auction.

This unprecedented feat transpired at a local cheese festival held within the picturesque Principality of Asturias. The star of the occasion was a substantial 2.2kg wheel of Cabrales blue cheese, commanding a staggering price of €30,000. A noteworthy twist lies in the fact that this triumph echoes a prior record established in 2019, which also revolved around the same cheese category.

The record-breaking block of cheese was meticulously crafted by Guillermo Pendas, a Pendas family member who operates a revered cheese factory in Los Puertos. Guillermo Pendas shared, “We knew we had a good cheese but also that it is very difficult to win,” as reported by The Times (London). This family venture is owned by Guillermo Pendas’ mother, Rosa Vada. She disclosed that the cheese underwent a maturation process within a cave located at an elevation of 1,400 meters and maintained a temperature of 7°C. This natural environment facilitated a maturation period of “a minimum of eight months,” a detail highlighted by The Independent.

The prestigious honor of owning the world’s most expensive cheese once again was bestowed upon Ivan Suarez, the proprietor of a restaurant near Oviedo. Intriguingly, Suarez had previously acquired the cheese that had the same title. This antecedent accolade was attributed to the Regulatory Council DOP Cabrales (Spain) on August 25, 2019, a recognition registered by The Guinness World Records (GWR) official website. During that occurrence, a 2kg block of Cabrales cheese was procured at a staggering cost of €20,500 (equivalent to over ? 18 lakhs, considering prevailing conversion rates).

The distinguished GWR website aptly describes Cabrales cheese as “a semi-hard, very strong-tasting blue cheese.” This artisanal creation emerges from the skilled hands of farmers in Asturias, Spain. Crafted primarily from raw cow’s milk, it might also include a blend of goat or sheep’s milk. The cheese matures over several months within the limestone caves enveloping the Picos de Europa National Park.

The unique amalgamation of local environmental conditions encompassing temperature and humidity, coupled with the intricate interplay of microorganisms, bestows upon the cheese a distinctive flavor profile characterized by its sharp and pungent notes.

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