This Is The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle With A Price Tag Of 185,000 USD

Midual Type 1

Improvisation and innovation is the backbone of technology and design. Who would have thought there was anything else that could be done with the design of a bike? Apparently this company did, when they revealed the French Superbike known as Midual. However, let us warn you all that this bike is definitely not for those who have a thin wallet because it is now one of the world’s most expensive motorcycles.Midual Type 1 2

According to the information that has been given out, only 35 units of this super awesome bike are going to be created. The masterpiece and epitome of engineering will cost $185,400 per unit and if you still think that it is over-priced, perhaps you should consider the place where the two working models of Type 1 prototype were revealed: Pebble Beach 2014. To give you an idea, other companies that have unveiled their products at Pebble Beach Concept Lawn include Bentley, Hennessy, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche, Renovo, Rolls-Royce, Saleen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, and Lincoln.Midual Type 1 6 Midual Type 1 3

As per the news so far, the next public outing of Midual shall be carried out at the exclusive London Supercar show, Salon Prive. The Midual was the only motorcycle to be on display at the concept lawn. Midual addresses the need of crazy rich motorcyclists craving for an impressively unique style.Midual Type 1 4

Midual will be providing a warranty of four years in Europe where the bike will be collected from and dropped back at your home. The company believes that ‘in this way, full guarantee of careful, thorough after-sales maintenance can be assured.’

The metallic parts of the bike have a very high level of detail which is way beyond exceptional. According to a press release, “The machine’s instrument panel and analogue gauges, all the leather trim, the handlebar controls, side plates, kickstand … each element is specific, noble and refined. The finishing reveals the highly expertise of the most skilled French workers.”Midual Type 1 6 Midual Type 1 5

Furthermore, “A Midual is designed to be personalised to the point where each machine’s personality can be modified to be completely in tune with its owner. Thus, he will be able to choose between many different types of body finishing, from brushing and cap design to a polished/patina look. More than 45 types of leather are offered standard and can be matched to 25 sand casting shades, which can be applied even to the engine parts. Each machine is marked with its creation date, number and owner’s name.”

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