This Is The World’s Most Advanced Baby Bottle

This Is The World’s Most Advanced Baby Bottle 3

InvnSun Technologies started a pre-order campaign on Indiegogo earlier this month for proacmOm – world’s most advanced baby bottle. The bottle is quite an innovative one and this leads us to the question; do we really need a baby bottle that is this advanced? The bottle makes the task of feeding the baby safe, convenient and simple especially for busy moms on the go and those who travel frequently.This Is The World’s Most Advanced Baby Bottle

Let’s see why it is gaining so much traction, shall we? The baby bottle is capable of warming and keeping the baby milk temperature at an optimal level for as long as you want it to. There are times when the milk might be too hot for baby to drink or when it becomes cold because it wasn’t consumed on time; proacmOm is capable of tackling both such situations by providing a constant temperature for the milk at all times.This Is The World’s Most Advanced Baby Bottle 2

It sports three features when it comes to heating; defrost, warm and boil. These amazing features allow the bottle to be heated and then maintain the temperature of milk at an optimal level for the baby. This can be done via a simple push of a button. Once the optimal temperature has been achieved, the LED light on the bottom will blink, thus letting you know that it is okay to feed the baby now. The gadget also features an advanced safety control to ensure that the button isn’t used accidentally.

The crowdfunding campaign will allow you to pre-order and also contribute to the cause if you want to. The participants of the cause shall receive the baby bottle at discounted rates (35-67%). The company has also planned of donating $1 per every bottle you purchase for ‘saving the children’ organization.This Is The World’s Most Advanced Baby Bottle 3

The initial campaign price for a pack of proacmOm begins from $25 and guarantees you a 9 Oz and 4 Oz bottle. The shipment will start during mid-2016 if all goes well.

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