This Is The World’s Largest AI Robot – And It Will Reduce Aircraft Inspection Costs

Norse Atlantic Airways, a trailblazer in eco-efficient aviation, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Avinxt, a venture to integrate the world’s most giant robot into aviation operations.

In a strategic partnership with industry giants Canrig and Siemens, Avinxt is positioned to redefine aviation practices, offering a revolutionary approach to aircraft de-icing, washing, engine maintenance, and technical inspections. Norse Atlantic Airways, celebrated for its environmentally conscious Boeing 787 Dreamliners, has consistently pursued initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint.

The collaborative effort with Avinxt is expected to yield a remarkable 4 percent reduction in Norse Atlantic Airways’ carbon footprint. Thom-Arne Norheim, the chief operating officer, hails Avinxt’s solution as a “win-win,” emphasizing its potential to cut costs and have an environmental impact simultaneously.

Norse Atlantic Airways, committed to sustainability, envisions this partnership as a catalyst for innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, punctuality, and cost-effectiveness, especially during challenging winter operations. Avinxt’s CEO, Ove Trøen, enthusiastically advocates for a departure from manual and costly aviation processes.

The initial deployment of Avinxt’s robots is slated for Oslo Airport, with plans to extend the technology to Norse’s hub at London Gatwick. Trøen contends that the aviation industry should embrace faster, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective technology, highlighting the inefficiencies of manual processes.

Avinxt’s robots, armed with cameras and artificial intelligence, promise a quicker and more precise scanning of aircraft, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring safer flights. Additionally, the robots address environmental concerns by offering on-site collection and recycling of chemicals, potentially recycling over 80 percent of all water and chemicals used in aviation processes.

Trøen underscores the environmental impact of on-site recycling, asserting, “Our calculations show that collecting and recycling all liquids used, you can save as much as 1,800 kilos of CO2 per de-icing of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.” With plans to construct the world’s most giant robot in 2024, Avinxt aims to revolutionize aircraft maintenance for various types of planes, securing agreements with airlines like Widerøe and Norwegian.

In this venture, Widerøe Ground Handling is set to operate the robot at Oslo Airport, marking a significant leap towards a greener and more efficient era in aviation.

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