This Is The World’s First Water-free Intelligent Cleaning Station Of Its Kind

In a significant move toward international market expansion, 3i, a prominent smart appliance brand, introduces the 3i Intelligent Cleaning Station – H1 series, with the spotlight on the H1 Pro.

Zexiao Wu, Vice President of 3i, underscores the brand’s commitment to problem-solving engineering, acknowledging the challenges faced by users with traditional cleaning robots. Revealed at CES 2024, the H1 Pro, a part of the H1 series, emerges as the world’s first water-free intelligent cleaning station designed to address these challenges.

Endorsed by Frost & Sullivan, the H1 Pro stands out with its proprietary water recycling system, eliminating the hassle of constant water refills and messy spills. CES 2024 attendees are captivated by its ability to purify wastewater into distilled water and extract water from the air, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning. This unique feature also adds flexibility, enabling the device to be placed anywhere in the house.

The H1 Pro showcases six coordinated cleaning steps, ensuring a thorough home cleaning experience. Equipped with an 8000Pa high-performance brushless fan, it effortlessly tackles everyday dust, hair, cat food, and litter. The Roller Mop Self-drying with Warm Air feature prevents damp odors, while the 5L dust bag capacity reduces the frequency of garbage disposal.

Featuring green laser dirt detection, the H1 Pro employs AI and deep learning algorithms to swiftly adapt cleaning strategies. Its advanced capabilities include obstacle identification, route adjustments, and prevention of blockages, crashes, and wire tangles.

In addition to its cleaning prowess, the H1 Pro utilizes 90°C micro-boiling water for instant sterilization of wastewater, guaranteeing 99.9% sterilization and antibacterial effectiveness. With a dedicated app for remote operation, users gain control over home cleaning, transforming the H1 Pro into a home environment patrol officer.

Complementing the H1 Pro, 3i also unveils the H1 Master, a luxury model designed by a renowned designer from a top luxury brand. This masterpiece seamlessly blends technological aesthetics with luxury, creating a romantic and elegant ambiance.

Enthusiasts and prospective users have the opportunity to explore 3i’s offerings at CES 2024 (booth 50955 Venetian Expo, Halls A-D) and witness firsthand the seamless home cleaning provided by the advanced technology of the H1 series, exemplified by the H1 Pro.

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