This Is The World’s First Successfully Tested Propeller With 11 Blades

MT-Propeller successfully flight-tested what it said is the world’s first: an 11-blade propeller. This marks yet another first for the developer who has made five, seven, and nine-bladed propellers before.

The results showed a 15% increase in static thrust compared to a regular five-blade propeller.

“This propeller system combined with a low RPM power supply from a turbine or an electric engine opens new possibilities for performance, efficiency, and noise,” the company said.

In 1981, Gerd Mühlbauer established MT-Propeller, offering over 27 certified propeller types and more than 220 aerodynamic blade configurations. The company claims it provides propellers to more than 90% of the piston- or turbine-powered aircraft built in Europe.

In September 2022, MT-Propeller tested their 11-bladed propeller design on a Piper PA31T1 aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A turbines.

The company said in its press release that the first flight took to the skies with a noise and sound signature. The small two-engine aircraft took to the skies as though a twin-engine jet was taking off.

Watch the video below:

MT-Propeller historically spearheads multi-bladed propeller development. The company successfully operated the world’s first seven-bladed propellers on a General Aviation aircraft in 2016. The design was examined and validated in 2020.

A nine-blade propeller with MT claims to allow propeller-driven aircraft to reach speeds of up to 430 knots while using less fuel was also flight-tested by the company in 2019 on the Cheyenne.

Similarly, the 11-blade propeller used by MT-Propeller is expected to yield exciting outcomes. However, it’s unclear whether or when MT might pursue a supplemental-type certificate for the propeller.

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