This Is The World’s First Portable MRI Machine

It is already established that by virtue of technology, distances are becoming smaller, and mobility is enhanced remarkably. This has resulted in a very connected world where anyone can be accessed with the facilitation of technology. this makes things convenient for people who are in need and can reach help without any delays or problems obstructing their ways.

In line with this side of technology, a recent invention of a medical device has transformed the way of testing in medicine. a machine was built that could move around and is portable. This machine will be able to conduct MRIs on patients anywhere. This will be the world’s first portable MRI machine.

Along with this, there is another study that led to a project that enabled the detection of strokes that need surgical intervention. These detections would be more accurate than the ones done before. The study was conducted at Yale.

Portable Point-of-Care MRI system is the name of this machine. It was constructed by a healthcare company called Hyperfine. It makes the use of large custom-built MRI rooms redundant. The magnetic power of the magnets inside is also reduced to make it more practical. This machine is going to be 10 times lighter, 20 times less costly, and uses 35 times less power than current MRI machines.

Bedside MRI Machine Set to Transform Pediatric and Neonatal Care

It can be used by the bedside of a patient by just plugging it into a regular power outlet. It underwent trials and testing. This was done on 30 patients that were hospitalized for brain abnormalities. The system detected tumors and strokes accurately for 29 of them. With strokes, it ended up being 80 percent accurate as it was tested on 144 patients.

This device can save hundreds of lives especially in rural, underprivileged, previously colonized countries that cannot afford setting up huge MRI rooms. The whole study is published in Nature Communications

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