This Is The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Hotel

In 2023, the world’s first 3D-printed hotel will be built in Marfa, Texas, through a collaboration between Liz Lambert, a hospitality industry expert, 3D construction startup Icon, and the Danish design firm BIG.

The renowned architect behind the project is none other than the same one responsible for creating architectural marvels such as the VM Houses and Mountain Dwellings, two housing complexes located in Copenhagen. BIG’s website recently posted a blog announcing the partnership and location of the groundbreaking project.

In Marfa, where Liz Lambert founded the renowned El Cosmico camping site, plans are underway to build a 3D-printed hotel on the same site. The innovative project will be carried out in collaboration with 3D construction start-up Icon and Danish design firm BIG.

The new venture will expand the current 21-acre site to an impressive 62-acre desert oasis, featuring a massive infinity pool complete with cabanas and guest dwellings. Icon’s efficient home-sized 3D printer will produce these captivating locations, making for a truly enjoyable and restful summer vacation experience.

The construction system signature of Icon revolves around the Vulcan printer, which is complemented by the Magma portable mixing unit. Lavacrete, the building material, is produced by the latter component, and it has been extensively tested by Icon’s material science team to ensure its durability.

The US will soon be home to the world’s first 3D-printed hotel

With this construction process, the new dwellings will be robust and dependable, ensuring that substandard housing or amenities will not ruin anyone’s vacation. The project’s images, which are available on BIG’s website, depict a welcoming and friendly location that instantly makes you feel at home.

Although the date for the complex on BIG’s site is set for 2023, there is no clear indication of when El Cosmico will be completed. However, it is certain that we will visit the location once it is ready.

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