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This Is The World’s First Full-Sized Electric Flying Race-Car

Alauda unveils full-sized Airspeeder Mk3 electric flying race car

Alauda has been working on a flying electric racing vehicle, and we first heard about it back in 2017. The team announced their first international public debut in 2019, and this year, Alauda unveiled a full-sized electric flying racing car named the Airspeeder Mk3.

The Mk3 will take part in its first race this year, and its developer is working on building several identical racing vehicles at its base headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

Those productions will serve as a flying testbed that will collect data on the vehicle’s safety and performance technology. Later, the collected information will build the Mk4 racer to perfection and be controlled remotely. However, Alauda has promised its spectator’s plenty of excitement and a thrill-filled experience with the already produced Mk3 racer as well.

“The unveiling of the world’s first full-sized electric flying racing car is a landmark moment in the dawn of a new mobility revolution,” stated Pearson. “It is a competition that drives progress, and our racing series is hastening the arrival of technology that will transform clean-air passenger transport, logistics, and even advanced air mobility for medical applications. The world’s first electric flying car races will take place this year and will be the most exciting and progressive motorsport on the planet.”

The full-scale Airspeeder Mk3 definitely is a looker, swinging a 50s F1 racing car vibe, and possesses a strong and stiff carbon fiber frame and fuselage that keep its weight at 100 kg (220 lb). It lays the groundwork for the full carbon fiber monocoque body of the manned Mk4.

Its 96-kW electric powertrain is foreseen to allow the Mk3 to travel at speeds of more than 120 km/h (75 mph), with the company saying that the X-shape of the vehicle’s eight rotors – installed in four pairs – will allow F1-like hairpin turns while flying should offer even more thrills.

Alauda said that 10 identical flying racers would be added up in the arsenal for competing teams this year to hold a race but the exact date is yet to be ascertained. Enjoy all the details known up till now about this impressive flying racing vehicle in the video below.

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