This Is The World’s First Electric Flying Passenger Ship – And It Could Drastically Cut Commute Times

Sweden anticipates a game-changing addition to its transportation landscape with the impending launch of a hydrofoil electric ferry later this year. This innovative vessel, developed by Swedish tech firm Candela Technology AB, promises to revolutionize the daily commute from Ekerö suburb to Stockholm’s city center, slashing travel time from 55 minutes to a brisk 25 minutes.

The Candela P-12 ferry, designed to accommodate 30 passengers, is a beacon of technological advancement in maritime travel. Capable of reaching impressive speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and boasting a range of 50 miles, this electric-powered vessel signifies a shift towards sustainable commuting solutions. Gustav Hasselskog, CEO of Candela, envisions a transformative impact, declaring, “It will revolutionize how we travel on water,” highlighting the vessel’s potential to redefine waterborne transportation.

Hydrofoil technology lies at the heart of the Candela P-12’s remarkable performance, lifting the vessel above the water’s surface to minimize drag and maximize speed and fuel efficiency. As depicted in Candela’s promotional video, the sensation of gliding atop the water evokes parallels to flight, with one driver likening the experience to “riding a magic carpet.” This aerodynamic design enhances speed and aligns with sustainability goals, with the ferry consuming 80% less energy compared to conventional vessels at speeds exceeding 21 miles per hour, thanks to its electric propulsion system.

Beyond its environmental benefits, Candela aims to alleviate traffic congestion on Sweden’s roadways by promoting the use of waterways as efficient transit corridors. Hasselskog underscores the untapped potential of water transportation, stating, “The P-12 will let you use these waterways as green highways, enabling fast intra-city connections.” By leveraging water routes for rapid commuting, the ferry offers a compelling alternative to congested roads, harnessing the efficiency of water travel for urban mobility.

Sweden’s embrace of the Candela P-12 hydrofoil electric ferry marks a significant stride towards sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. As the ferry prepares to ply the waters between Ekerö and Stockholm, it symbolizes a shift towards greener, swifter, and more exhilarating commutes, charting a course for the future of urban mobility on the water.

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