This Is The World’s Fastest Dual-Track Vehicle – And It Is Absolutely Ridiculous

The automobile industry is moving fast and bringing unique and innovative designs every now and then. We are living in unprecedented times and the choices of consumerism we have are also one of a kind. Technology is deeply incorporated in every design and model of modern automobiles. They have features that set them apart from their competitors in the industry. This makes the models even more unique.

A recent vehicle has created a significant amount of hype and buzz among car enthusiasts. The car is designated to be the world’s fastest dual-track commercial vehicle. It has been given the name of Ripsaw EV3 F4. It is built by Howe and Howe and is powered by a strong 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel engine. The cost of the vehicle is $500,000.

The vehicle was featured in the AutoWeek report in 2019 where its specifications were enunciated. It stated that it has FLIR (forward-looking infrared) M625cs camera, a pop-up spotlight, and multiple light bars. This means that the vehicle can run conveniently even at night over rough and rocky grounds.

The speed it can reach up to is 60 mph which makes it the fastest dual-track vehicle in the world. The tires are made up of heavy rubbers that allow the machine to run on high slopes, and different kinds of ground, whether they are rocky, snowy, or covered in dirt.

The interior is further equipped with a heated steering wheel, top-of-the-range stereo equipment, and a dual iPad dash. In 2018, Richard Hammond was sent by The Grand Tour to test the vehicle which has 1500 hp. It is a single-seater and has broken all the records of dual-track vehicles.

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