This Is The World’s Dumbest Smartwatch – And It Can’t Even Tell The Time

The Stone Watch is not a smartwatch; it is just made to resemble one. Smartwatch manufacturers are constantly competing with each other on feature-rich gadgets, but one Japanese company produced a smartwatch that is probably the dumbest smartwatch to ever exist.

Tama-Kyu is a capsule toy brand that sells toys. They have recently unveiled the Stone Watch as the latest addition to their remarkable lineup of capsule toys, which are available at Gachapon shops throughout Japan. The bands are available in five different colors, with an outrageous retail price of 400 yen ($3). The price is outrageous because the watch doesn’t even tell the time, and it’s not even a watch; it just looks like one.

The Stone Watch shouldn’t even be called a smartwatch because it’s nothing but a stone on your wrist. It doesn’t tell the time, let alone have features like heart rate measurement or connecting to your smartphone. The stone watch only looks like a smartwatch; it doesn’t provide any utility whatsoever. Funny enough, Tama Kyu suggests matching the Stone Watch with the AcryPhone, which is just a plastic slab that does nothing other than feel like a handheld smartphone, without all the features or any use.

No sensible adult would buy such a watch, let alone buy a fake phone to match the watch that doesn’t even tell the time. But since Tama-Kyu is a capsule toy company, we can’t complain about it other than the outrageous price tag. It seems that people will spend money on anything these days just for the hype. Perhaps the only use of the stone watch we could think of is buying the stone watch and the Acry phone for your child when you don’t want to buy them a phone.

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