This Is The Video Footage Of US Drone Being Shot Down By Iran

Iran Has Uploaded The Video Of It Taking Out The US Drone

We recently covered the news of Iran taking out the Global Hawk drone. Now Iran’s military has uploaded footage of what is being touted as Iran’s attack on the Global Hawk drone on Thursday morning.

Iran Has Uploaded The Video Of It Taking Out The US Drone

The video was posted by Iran Military Tube, a YouTube channel that claims to be the force’s unofficial media center. The video is about 52 seconds long and shows an Iranian missile launcher firing at an object in the sky. Soon enough, you can see an explosion taking place in the sky. The video features dramatic background music as well.

The video has been posted by many news outlets including The Washington Post and Sky News. All of them are attributing the video to Iran’s military. The video is dark, to say the least because the attack happened on early Thursday morning around 330 am. The video ends with a map that shows the Iranian and International airspace around the Gulf of Oman. The map also shows the flight path of the drone – US Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk.

Iran Has Uploaded The Video Of It Taking Out The US Drone

Washington has maintained that the drone was in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz whereas Iran’s military says that the drone had violated Iran’s airspace and was then shot down.

President Donald Trump has said that the act of taking out of the US drone was a ‘terrible mistake’ by Iran. The Internet has different views on the matter, though. Some of the folks online are calling the US out and saying that the US would have done the exact same thing had it been an Iranian drone that violated the airspace of the land of the free. However, some are asking for proof that the drone, in fact, did cross into the Iranian airspace.

While the debate is an ongoing one, what remains to be seen is how the two countries sort out the issue between them! You can check out the video posted by Iran Military Tube below.

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