This Is The Secret Behind Porsche’s Dynamic Anti-Lag System That Works Without Fuel

Porsche anti lag engine

Porsches are engineering marvels and are known for many cool features. However, the most impressive advancement introduced in these cars is the flat engine. One of the features included in the Porsche engine is the Dynamic Boost which is a system designed to minimize the turbo lag while increasing the throttle response of the car’s turbocharged engine. The elaborate function achieves this by keeping the throttle valve completely open as the driver releases their foot from the accelerator.

porsche anti lag engine

Porsche’s website says, “The air-cooled flat engine has a special place in the hearts of its fans. But emotions only tell half the story. As well as revving its way into the affections of many, the flat engine has many interesting features that give it the edge from a design point of view.” The YouTube channel, Engineering Explained, also discussed the details of the engine in a video. The video description states, “As a result, there’s an increased amount of airflow through the engine, minimizing the amount of boost pressure that is lost.” The host of the channel, Jason Fenske, explained in detail how the car’s dynamic boost works and result in an anti-lag system which doesn’t use any fuel. Watch this video to learn about the interesting technology introduced by the car manufacturing company.


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