Know The Real Reason Why Planes Crash In This Video

Check Out The Real Reasons Why Planes Crash With This Video!

AsapSCIENCE is a YouTube channel that has brought an incredible video for its users. The video tells us about the reasons why planes crash. The reasons, called the real reasons, can be categorized into four categories; human error, weather, mechanical error, and sabotage.

Check Out The Real Reasons Why Planes Crash With This Video!

Human error is the reason behind the larger number of crashes. These are errors generally skill-based and decision errors. However, they can be improved by making sure that the pilots are enjoying adequate sleep. Why? Because many pilots are found to be sleep deprived and thus are not in the ideal condition to take control of the plane.

The weather-related events imply that the deadliest times for travelling are December and January. Why? These months feature the highest level of precipitation, low cloud cover, and fog. All of these factors impact visibility quite severely.

Check Out The Real Reasons Why Planes Crash With This Video!

As for the mechanical errors, they account for a total of 23% of fatal accidents and generally happen in smaller propeller aircraft. Why not the larger aircraft you ask? That is because the larger aircraft undergo routine checkups and analysis for making sure that everything is okay with them. This regular maintenance reduces the chance of a mechanical failure.

The most unlikely cause of a plane crash is sabotage – accounting for about 7% of all the crashes. Remember the horrific World Trade Center incident? Yeah. The video also talks about ways of improving your chances of survival if you find yourself in a plane crash. According to studies, sitting at the back of a plane enables you to have more chances of survival. That is the reasons why the black box is placed at the back of the aircraft.

Despite all of this, we can assure you that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation that is available to you in current time. Check out the video by asapSCIENCE below and do let us know what you think of it!

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