This Is The Quietest Room In The World

Noise Free labs

IBM Nanotechnology and Quietest Room on Earth 2We have covered a number of places and strange buildings over here for your reading appetites but this one tops the list. We welcome you to world’s quietest room, located in Zurich, Switzerland where it is being used by IBM. By all meaning, Sound does not exist in this room and the place is referred to as ‘noise-free’ labs. These labs are being used by IBM to carry out its Nanotechnology research and is part of a $90 million research facility.IBM Nanotechnology and Quietest Room on Earth

IBM Nanotechnology and Quietest Room on Earth 4The room’s architect, Dr. Emanuel Loertscher said that if you were to put your ear close to the wall of this room, your inner ear will ‘become unbalanced and you’ll feel dizzy and start vomiting.’ The sound is dampened to such a level for this room that it virtually doesn’t exist. Why does IBM need such labs is the question you must be asking. Well, we’ve already mentioned its part of their nanotechnology research facility and while working with the smallest technology on Earth has its perks, it also has its downside as well. When working on a nano-scale, even the sound vibrations are able to rattle the things around. Hence, it could possibly hinder the production and therefore a sound proof lab was required for this purpose.

IBM Nanotechnology and Quietest Room on Earth 3IBM is making proper use of this room where they are busy making computer chips that are the size of human cells and also the world’s smallest movie which has atoms as actors in it. Great going, IBM!

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