This Is The New Fastest Electric Bike In The World

How does an electric bike get to the top speed of 250 MPH? With a hole to subside air friction, that is how.

Riding a bicycle has always been one of the biggest fantasies of a child. For one, I could not wait to get my hands on my bike and ride it as fast as I could. But one thing always bothered me, the air, the faster I used to go, the more resistance I used to face from the air. And if one is a speed fanatic, then a way around this adversary has to be found.

Robert White has found an out-of-the-box solution for this problem. He has conceived a hole in the bike. The results are off the charts.

Robert is the owner and CEO of the White Concept Motorcycles. An engineer with 22 years of experience with high-speed beasts in the F1 and other racing circuits around the globe. However, playing with the aerodynamics of cars is easier owing to their size.

On the contrary, the aerodynamics of a bike can get tricky. This is because the human on the bike becomes part of the aerodynamics of the bike. White had a challenge at his hands when he was designing the world’s fastest bike. He negotiated it with an unorthodox solution.

With abundant experience under his belt, he was well aware of the Venturi Effect. The air is allowed to move over, under, and besides the vehicle, but to reduce the air friction to a desirable level, the tunnels are made through which air flows straight from front to back.

The innovation of White’s idea stems from the very source, tunnels in high-speed cars. He precisely did the same with his WMC250EV. The idea may sound a little fanatic and way out of the norms, but it was at the basis of the reason why the bike’s friction was reduced by a startling 69% when pitched against a top-of-the-line superbike. This bike, loaded with ingenuity, will be tested in 2022.

The surprises with this superbike do not end here. It does not have a steering handle. Yes, you read that right, no steering handle but a hydraulic steering system for the front and two 30kW motors connected with a chain for the rear tyre. The battery under the tunnel has a capacity of 15kWh.

White has plans on making the concept mainstream thus the patent. The future with electric bikes buzzing around seems very exciting.

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