This Is The Mystery Behind Area 51 That Has Puzzled Millions Of People

Lying in a vast and remote desert, Nevada’s Area 51 Air Force facility has been around as one of the biggest mysteries of all time. There are theories that aliens and UFO’s lie behind its highly monitored walls.

For years now, books, documentaries, and even TV shows have laid several different conspiracies behind this secretive military base. Whatever the relevant alien theories may pose, most people never believed in them. However, lately, it’s found what’s under is equally attractive to what people have been assuming for so long.

Though its highly not recommended, however, if someone still wants to go there physically to see for themselves of what could be seen of the outer surface, there’s a dusty road in the middle of nowhere, which leads to the area 51 gates. The passage is unmarked; however, the secret facility is heavily marked not to trespass.

After hearing all the mysteries, myths, and questions regarding area 51, one must think it would be heavily guarded with marines and tanks outside the base. However, amazingly, the mysterious area is protected by a chain-link fence, a boom gate, and threatening trespassing signs.

Many believe it is heavily monitored at all times, and area 51 doesn’t need human-force to protect what’s inside, there would be enough automated armory by now to tackle an alarming situation. The passage near the gates is said to have multiple sensors for tracking movements of any sort whatsoever.

For decades there have been numerous stories on the topic. All of them were crazier than each other if we may say. There were alien relevant theories, U2 Aircraft and its operations have been another major relevant story, some said it was the wreckage of a Soviet aircraft.

The human mind can imagine whatever it wants to, its a power that everyone possesses but most never find its significance and the wonders it could do. The conspiracy theorists who were of the view that the video on moon recorded in 1969 was actually filmed in area 51 used the full power of their imagination.

Not Just A Theory, In fact, A Reality

Area 51 is real and is developing at quite a pace as the google images show the increase in occupied land in the surroundings. There may not be anything outwardly going on inside, however, something of high importance is happening down there for sure.

Only a few know what’s exactly happening in, however popular opinions and somewhat realistic ones have been laid out. Humans have this birth trait of being curious, and what’s not told tends to increase its intensity. “The forbidden aspect of Area 51 is what makes people want to know what’s there,” says aerospace historian Peter Merlin, who’s been researching Area 51 for more than three decades.”

Kelly Johnson, one of the lead engineers behind the project named the base as Paradise Ranch, to increase the likeliness of staff’s motivation to work at the site. This middle-of-nowhere military base lying in the Nevada desert became one of the most secretive facilities in the world.

Merlin with extensive and years-long research on the subject has got some rational guesses as to what it might be holding inside. The things he suggests include improved stealth technology, advanced weapons, electronic warfare systems, and specifically, autonomous aerial vehicles.

Other relevant popular views from resourceful authors believe that classified aircraft, more exotic forms of radio communication, directed energy weapons, and lasers are under development at the base. Making it quite apparent as the restricted area is mainly in use to research on future warfare machines and to run various secretive programs.

Area 51 is pretty impressive, and our minds want to learn more about it. However, there’s one even exciting place nearby termed as the Alien Cathouse, which is advertised as the only alien-themed brothel in the world. Geocaching lovers are also attracted since the highway is considered as one of the best treasury in the game with over 2,000 geocaches hidden area. You might find something out beyond our planet in the near vicinity.

It is not in reach for the civilians to climb in the place with ultimate security measures installed. However, Locals will direct you, and the website Dreamland Resort is a great resource full of maps, driving directions, and first-hand accounts for us to know the location.

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