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This Is The Most Creative Office In The World

To bring out creativity, one needs to be stimulated. For some, this stimulation may come in the form of encouragement. However, majority of people are best able to express their creativity when provided with an environment that helps them conceive ideas and work. Such atmosphere is a must if you want a person to fully make use of his/her creative potential.

There is one particular development firm known as Davison which has a creative work environment known as ‘Inventionland’. This land of magic comes up with above 2000 inventions per year and the best part is that a license is secured with a corporation every three business days. In order to boost up the creativity, Inventionland has been providing some of the most intuitive working environments ever.

The facility covers an area of 75,000 sq. ft. There are multiple themed sets available on the facility which includes a pirate ship, tree house and giant robots. These sets have residents who work in these environments to come up with new products. The facility holds the title of one of the ‘40 Amazing looking Design Offices’ by I.D. Magazine 2008 issue.

So now we know where to go if we want to make magic happen or check out just how much are we able to come up with!