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This Is The Latest Optical Illusion That Has The Whole Internet Confused

The internet is a place that moves along at a very high pace. Just a week ago, people were losing their mind on a voice clip that either said Yanny or Laurel and split the people into two groups. The latest trend to take the internet by storm is an optical illusion.

It is a picture of two journalists from the Brazilian channel GloboNews. It was originally uploaded on Instagram by Raphael Perachi and spread like wildfire from there, making its way to Reddit, Imgur, and Twitter. The hype grew once again when a user with the handle cj Fentroy asked if that man was wearing heels.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

That is definitely what it looks like at the first glance. The angle of the hug is such that it makes it hard to see where the two bodies meet and it seems as if the man is indeed wearing heels. However, closer inspection shows that it is just a good optical illusion and the man is sitting down. It has been explained in the tweet below.

This is currently leaving people scratching their heads. The reason why it became so viral was its simplicity. Let’s wait and see what optical illusion the internet is freaking out about next week.

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