Chilling Optical Illusion Creates Ghostly Figure Hiding In The Fog

The feeling that you are being followed is not a new one. It dates back to the time when the very first records of ghostly encounters were made or maybe felt. However, an optical illusion might bring the feeling out of your head and onto the ground.

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a ghostly shadow figure is seen tailing the cameraperson on a picturesque nature hike. Apart from the creepy follower, a halo can be seen around the figure. The aura it presents is that of a picture captured from a retro 50s camera, not from a sharp camera phone from 2022.

“Creepy to see it out of the corner of my eye,” hiker Chris Randall wrote in his post, “and think it was someone else moving.”

But there is another twist in the tale; the cameraman noted on Twitter that it was his first “Broken Spectre.” An optical illusion occurs on misty days when the Sun casts a shadow of a person (or plane) onto the fog, causing the shadow to be both magnified and take on a rainbow

halo. It’s not the first instance where these specters have been treated as out-worldly; myths and legends surround them everywhere they’re witnessed, from Scotland’s Big Grey Man to what is called “Buddha’s Light” in China.

These specters are easily created when one is hiking on trails on misty/foggy days. In the day and time of social media, they have become something of a sensation themself.

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