This Is The Latest On Coronavirus

The epidemic is rapidly spreading its roots and has already taken 20,000 people worldwide under its umbrella. Out of these, more than 400 have lost the battle and embraced death. The majority of the critical cases are reported in China.

As a cherry on top, many platforms are exploiting the situations for mere publicity stunts. Dr. Sylvie Briand, director of pandemic and epidemic diseases department at WHO, said, “It is important to tackle misinformation as soon as possible. When there is an unknown, people try to fill in the void.”

Referring to an example, where people were spreading rumors about the virus being developed merely by breathing in the air. Negating these words, Dr. Sylvie said that the virus can only be caught by coming in contact with an infectious patient.

President Xi Jinping warns the people to comply with the instructions being forwarded by the concerned authorities or else, they will be responsible for the consequences.

“Those who fail to perform their duties shall be punished according to discipline and law,”

In parallel, workers in Hong Kong continued a strike, asking the government to close all borders with mainland China. Recently, the death of a 39-year-old woman has been reported from Hong Kong that has triggered panic among the residents.

As part of the measures, American Airlines has also suspended flights between China and Hong Kong. As per the statement given to NBC News by the airline, “We have suspended flying to Hong Kong from both Dallas/Fort Worth and Los Angeles through Feb. 20 due to demand,”

China complains no assistance from the U.S in this regard, despite of several promises done by U.S officials. Quoting China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, “China has noted that the United States has repeatedly expressed its willingness to provide assistance to China, and hopes that the relevant assistance will be provided as soon as possible,”

Australia urgently called off its people and is getting them quarantined at the Indian Ocean territory for two weeks. About 241 of them have been screened and tested for the virus. Whereas a total of 600 Australians are reported to be settled in Hubei province and a follow-up on the evacuation is being planned. Along with the U.S, Australia has also restricted travel to and from China.

All entertainment centers, including clubs and bars, are also being closed until the outbreak comes under control. Among these, is the Macau gambling center that is shutting its operations in response to the virus.

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