This Is The First-Ever Electric SUV By Honda

In a recent development, Honda has introduced its state-of-the-art electric SUV with a sophisticated outlook on its design parameters. As per the press release, the company stated that it is going to commercialize its “Prologue” battery SUV by 2024 and will make its first public appearance in North America. Also, the company said that it has emphasized the concept of sustainability in the interior and exterior of the vehicle to scope out the landscape of this promising new design. Furthermore, an effective strategy known as “Neo-rugged” has been deployed, which has revived this futuristic technology.

Coupled with this, the roof and wheels of this SUV are designed in such a way as to increase the performance and range parameters. Moreover, the panoramic roof encapsulates a vast interior with an 11-inch driving display panel and an 11.3-inch audio display. In addition, the wheels of this prodigious vehicle are 21-inch in size parameters, having a length of about 8-inches and a width of about 5-inches. One of the most intriguing things to note is that the whole concept of this SUV revolves around the revitalization of a “green environment” along with the incorporation of a zero-emissions approach.

Masaki Sumimoto, who is the design lead for the color, materials, and finish, stated, “Our goal was to create a clean harmony based on a rugged SUV image by coordinating the colors and materials to express neo-rugged design styling that’s familiar to our customers and uniquely Honda.” On the other hand, Gary Robinson, who is a vice president, of automobile planning and strategy at American Honda, says, “We are not going to wait until 2024 to attract EV buyers, because we see a natural progression for a CR-V customer to Prologue with its slightly larger size, the larger interior, and capable handling. We will support that transition now by putting smart strategies in place with the CR-V hybrid, that will enable our customers to transition to an EV. “

To that end, you might have noticed that the company has made the whole word “HONDA” written on the back side of the car rather than just an “H-symbol”. Also, Honda aims to achieve the concept of “carbon neutrality” through its Prologue battery SUVs at least by the year 2050. Along with this, the company has ambitious plans to manufacture around 30 SUVs internationally by 2030 and a production unit target of about 2 million units.

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