This Is The First-Ever Autonomous Air Taxi That Has Been Certified By The FAA

Wisk Aero, a California-based Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company, has recently brought to light its first all-electric and four-passenger eVTOL-based air taxi to the market. This state-of-the-art eVTOL-based air taxi has been manufactured on the Gen 6 model and is also the first ever electric air taxi that is about to get authorization for a “Type Certificate” from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Not to mention, this 6th generation air taxi encompasses “safest passenger transport systems” that exactly go well according to the standards of commercial aviation. It should be noted that “The Boeing Company” and “Kitty Hawk Corporation” are supporting the Wisk on the backend regarding the production and scaling up operations of this new eVTOL air taxi.

Coupled with this, the strategic alliance of Wisk with Boeing has provided Wisk Aero with a competitive edge over its operations. In addition to this, the company says that this sixth-generation design concept has been put forward in order to enhance the safety and quality standards in the industry, and the rest will follow suit. Moreover, the four-seater air taxi has been programmed to fly autonomously through an incorporated “logic-driven, procedural-based, decision-making software”. In order to keep everything in a controlled environment, the air taxi will always remain under the monitoring of human multi-vehicle supervisors so that they can handle any unexpected situation.

Also, Gary Gysin, who is the CEO of Wisk, stated, “In 2010, we set out to find a way to skip traffic and get to our destination faster. That inspiration evolved into a mission to deliver safe, everyday flight for everyone. Our 6th Generation aircraft is the culmination of years of hard work from our industry-leading team, learnings from our previous generations of aircraft, commitment from our investors, and the evolution and advancement of technology.”

Talking about the specifications of this incredible air taxi, it has been embedded with a flying range of 90 miles (144 km) and can cruise at a maximum speed of 120 knots (138 mph/222 kph). It has a wingspan of 50 ft and the wings have been incorporated to a higher level from the fuselage in order to reduce the impact of the engine’s noise and to increase the safety parameters in the case of any emergency. Hence, the air taxi has been designed to provide a diverse range of operations with a targeted price of $3 per passenger per mile.

To that end, this futuristic air taxi is one of the most ambitious and critical projects carried forward by Wisk Aero.

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