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This Is Not An Ideal Way To Remove The Engine From Your Jeep

There are right ways to do things and there are wrong ways to do the same things. Then comes the worst way of doing things. Imagine having a Jeep with a tired engine and you want to take the engine out. The job doesn’t get worse than “wrap a strap around the engine, tie it to a tree, and drive away at 60 mph.” This act comes from YouTube by BleepinJeep. They took a ZJ-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee and made it face all kinds of dangers and horrors.

In this video, they tried to find out if you can take an engine out of a moving car with the proper application of strap and speed. It did not really work out that way. An important thing to mention here is that while performing this mad experiment, there was nobody in the car. The Jeep was driving itself with a mannequin in the driver’s seat.

The result of the experiment is not what anyone expected. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained viewed all the details before he attempted the strap pull. The math showed that the engine will come out by this strap pull. This is not an experiment which you should try at home but you can enjoy the continued 4×4 mayhem over at the BleepinJeep’s YouTube Channel.

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