This Is How You Can Use The New ChatGPT-Powered Bing

Microsoft has integrated AI into both its Edge browser and Bing search engine, utilizing the cutting-edge technology employed by OpenAI for the creation of ChatGPT. Microsoft Bing AI was introduced at the company’s latest AI event. After Google’s latest AI tool, Microsoft wasted no time and announced the ChatGPT-powered Bing. Microsoft claims it has developed an advanced web-browsing experience using conversational AI. Like Google’s Bard AI, the new Bing can respond in real-time to requests, allowing users to hold dialogues with the search engine in which they submit questions and receive answers in their native language.

In addition to the new Bing, Microsoft is updating its Edge browser with two new AI-enhanced features: chat and composition. Edge will include them on its sidebar. However, you should first join the Bing AI waitlist.

Follow these steps to join the Microsoft Bing AI waitlist:

Click the blue “Join the waitlist” button at on your desktop to be added to the limited preview of the cutting-edge Bing AI search engine. A Microsoft account is needed to finish the registration process; you can use an existing account or create a new one. You must use the Edge browser for this. When you’ve completed the process, you’ll be returned to the registration page with the confirmation message “Great!” “You’ve been added to the waiting list.”

You can practice with some preset samples beforehand. If you select “Write a rhyming poem,” for example, the new Bing will preload the AI with a query to write a poem for a child who enjoys dogs and the ocean. You can then choose from other examples on the left and right or return to the blue boxes on the previous page and select from that selection. I selected a tweet prompt from the left side to receive this tweet announcing the graduation of a sibling.

There are currently many AI writing tools available; however, the best appears to rely on OpenAI’s ChatGPT or GPT-3. Google did not fall asleep at the wheel, and its Bard AI will soon be available in Google Search. That means the competition for the most accurate, relevant, and up-to-date AI-powered search engine has yet to be decided.

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