This Is How You Can Replace Your Car’s Hybrid Battery Using Common Tools

how to change car's hybrid battery

The YouTube channel ChrisFix often publishes videos showing how various mechanical fixes are done. This time, he has posted a video showing how you can replace the hybrid battery of your Toyota Prius. He has demonstrated and explained the process so well that it seems like the most straightforward task to do. The video description says, “Replacing a hybrid battery is not difficult at all. I show you how to scan the computer to check the hybrid battery, and we got a P0A80 code which means replace hybrid EV battery. I also show you how to clean the hybrid battery fan to keep the battery cool. To remove a Toyota Prius hybrid battery, you remove a few interior trim pieces, unbolt the hybrid battery, swap out battery cells, and reinstall.”

He also explains that the process could be applied to other hybrids as well, including Honda, Chevy, Nissan, Ford, and Lexus. Most of these cars come with limited warranties, and this video will teach you a useful skill which is both convenient and will also save you a lot of money. If you are changing your car batteries yourself, always remember to discard the old ones. More than 50% of the total weight of a hybrid battery can be recycled and protects the environment and future resources as well.

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