This Is How You Can Remove A Jammed Or A Broken Bolt


If you have put yourself in a position where you need to struggle with the seized or broken bolt, which is lodged in a piece of metal, you have fortunately found yourself a rescuer. Hagerty has created a step by step DIY guide using really simple tools to help you out with the problem. If the bolt is sticking out of the metal thread, then you can grab onto it once you are ready to remove it. To get the bolt un-seized, Davin Reckow has used a torch to heat up the area around the bolt, so that the metal expands from there. The heating loosens up everything and allows the man to start twisting the bolt out of the location using a vise-grip.

Reckow has warned that when you are working with aluminum, you should be really cautious about overheating. Since aluminum doesn’t glow red when it is heated like steel so it is hard to recognize if your metal is hot enough and you can cause potential damage to it as well. If the bolt you are dealing with has a broken flush with the metal, things will get more difficult for you. In this case, Reckow has used a MIG welder to weld a nut on the broken bolt and meshed them into one piece of metal. This way he was able to use the nut as a grab point to twist out the fused bolt.

Reckow also said that it is good to have a steel brush in your hand to remove any rust on the surface and other gunk that you might see when you heat up the area. You should also make sure to use a pair of safety glasses and heat-resistant gloves to keep yourself safe from an unfortunate accident. If you happen to be welding, then you must have a welding helmet with you.

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