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This Is How You Can Make A Macro Lens For Your Smartphone

Chris Notap Shows How To Make A Macro Lens For Your Smartphone!

Wonderful Engineering is always looking for interesting DIY projects. As a team of engineers, we are really excited and intrigued by the amazing DIY projects that people attempt all over the world. The latest DIY project by Chris Notap that we bring to you will enhance the quality of your smartphone photography. This particular project is about creating a DIY lens for your smartphone’s camera.

Yes, we know that most of the smartphones these days already have amazing cameras. However, despite the great results; there are always some limitations. Chris Notap shows his viewers how to create a closeup or macro lens thus helping them to make another addition to their smartphone photography. And the budget for this amazing DIY project? Two dollars!

We already know that there is a wide variety of Snap-On kind of lenses for smartphones. However, they all cost a lot and for something that you won’t be using that frequently; it simply doesn’t make sense to pay that much. The amazing DIY project from Chris Notap is very easy to do and doesn’t cost a fortune as well. 

The first part of the DIY project deals with you finding a lens. Chris suggests that you should head down to any local thrift store and go through the electronics section until you end up with the 35mm-film camera. To put it simply; the kind of camera that you used to take a picture within the ’90s or early 2000s.

Chris was able to find a range of cameras that cost him between 2 and 6 dollars. All of these cameras have something in common; a high-quality lens. Chris suggests that once you procure a camera, you will have to take it apart in order to get the lens out. Chris used a set of small screwdrivers for this purpose but says that using pliers for pulling the camera apart works as well.

Once you have the lens out, simply attach it using hot glue to a section of a paddle pop stick. There you go; a macro $2 lens for your smartphone. You can now use a rubber band over the phone to hold the stick in place, or you can hold it while taking a photograph. Do let us know what you think of this DIY project!