This Is How You Can Find Out What Data Apple Has On You

This is not an unknown fact that tech giants like Facebook and Google collect a lot of your data and then use it for the sake of advertising. However, the business model on which Apple works is based on hardware and not advertising.

Therefore, the company is taking an opportunity to stand out among other tech giants. Recently, Apple announced a Privacy Policy which enabled its customers to download every scrap of data which has so far been collected on them so far.

The company has already made the policy available for its customers in the European Union as a part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws which were passed in May. Now for the customers in the United States, the privacy policy has been released as well. You can follow these steps to download your cache of Apple data.

  • Go to the Privacy Policy and input your Apple ID. After this, you will receive a two-factor identification code which you need to put in the portal as well.
  • Once the access is granted, you will see an option “Obtain a copy of your data.” There will be various options presented for which you can obtain the data. Or you can get all of it by opting for ‘Select All.’
  • Apple performs a small check to make sure it is you so you will be required to answer some additional questions to verify your identity.
  • Once all the checks are passed, you will get a .zip file through email. It can take a few days or a week for Apple to gather all your data and send it via email.

Apple keeps very less amount of data as compared to other companies, and the file you will receive will be comprised of few megabytes. While the recent headlines regarding Facebook’s and Google’s predatory advertising techniques which have affected both the social media and Google, this announcement from Apple is a great effort to present itself as a transparent and trustworthy tech giant. The timings when Apple has made the statement has made it an opportunist. However, the assurance is undoubtedly welcome by all the users.

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