This Is How You Can Create Your Own Custom GPT In Just 15 Minutes

In early November, OpenAI introduced updates to ChatGPT, including GPTs — customizable versions that users with ChatGPT Plus can develop for specialized tasks such as coding, creative writing, and tech support. The goal is to empower users to craft personalized AI assistants tailored to their specific needs.

Creating a GPT is a straightforward process that requires no coding skills. Users initiate the process by accessing ChatGPT and clicking the “Explore” button on the left sidebar, followed by selecting “Create a GPT.” This marks the beginning of the customization journey.

Guided by plain English instructions, users enter prompts in the message box to instruct GPT Builder on the desired functionalities. Within seconds, GPT Builder generates the AI, proposing a name and image for the custom chatbot. Users can refine these details through additional prompts until satisfied.

GPT Builder prompts users to provide specific context to enhance the chatbot’s capabilities. For instance, in a demonstration by Business Insider, GPT Builder was directed to focus on low-carb recipes spanning various ethnic cuisines.

Once the GPT is generated, users can interact with the chatbot by asking questions to test its capabilities. To further refine its responses, users can adjust the chatbot by providing additional queries based on its initial answers.

Within less than a month of GPTs being introduced, curious ChatGPT users have embraced the feature, showcasing their customized AI chatbots on platforms like X (formerly Twitter). These bots claim to excel in tasks ranging from coding websites to transforming human photos into Pixar characters, demonstrating the versatility of GPTs.

However, not all reactions to GPTs have been positive. Some founders have expressed concerns about the potential impact of OpenAI’s advancements on their AI startups, fearing that the expanding capabilities of OpenAI’s language models may pose a threat.

In a demonstration to highlight the intuitive and powerful nature of GPTs, Business Insider created a GPT resembling a personal chef specializing in high-protein recipes. This example underscores the accessibility and versatility of GPTs, making it feasible for users to craft tailored AI solutions in as little as 15 minutes.

1) Open ChatGPT, then press the “Explore” button located on the left sidebar. Click “Create a GPT” on the right to begin.

Click the “explore” button on the left to begin making a GPT. Screenshot from ChatGPT/Business Insider

2) Write a prompt in the message box to the left telling GPT Builder what you want it to do.

3) Once you enter the prompt, GPT Builder will spend a couple seconds generating the GPT. It will suggest a name for the custom chatbot, as well as a picture, both of which can be tweaked with additional prompts until you’re satisfied.

4) GPT Builder will then ask you to refine the context with specifics on what you want the chatbot to do. I asked GPT Builder to focus on low-carb recipes that span a range of ethnic cuisines. Screenshot from ChatGPT/Business Insider

5) After the GPT is generated, ask the chatbot questions to test its capabilities. Adjust the chatbot by feeding it more queries based on its responses.

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