This Is How You Can Crack A Combination Lock Without Using Any Tools

Cracking a lock is taken as an offense but still, you got to learn to crack it in case you lock your bag and forget the combination. A YouTube channel, Go Experimental, has released a video in which they teach how to crack the code of two different types of combination lock i.e a combination lock with three digits and a combination lock with four digits. First, he took a three digit lock and reset its code from 000. To unlock it, you need to apply pressure on the lock in the downward position from shackle to the body. Check each wheel to see which one resists the most. Then turn the most resistant wheel and listen carefully for the clicks.

Keep turning the wheel until you hear a click and the body moves slightly downwards. Then repeat the same process for the remaining wheels. Once the second digit is known, the third combination can be found by hit and trial method. The similar process is followed for the four-digit lock as well. Follow the same process that is;

  • Apply pressure
  • Check for the most resistant wheel
  • Turn the wheel until the lock clicks and you feel movement
  • Repeat the process for remaining wheels
  • For the last wheel, hit n trial method

One thing to keep in mind is that this method only works for combination locks without false gates. These locks are generally cheaper than other locks.

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