This Is How They Create Snow In Movies

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If any of you has seen scenes with snow in the movies, chances are that the snow was produced by the British company Snowbusiness. As the world’s largest artificial snow producer, Snowbusiness, has produced snow scenes for some of the most famous and well known movies. Darcey Crownshaw, owner of the firm, has provided artificial snow alternatives to Hollywood for 30 years and his company can produce 200 different types of snow.

The company uses a variety of materials to produce snow, including paper and plastics. Sometimes candle-sized fireworks that produce a snowy ash are used to create the effect of snow. Of course, when the situation demands it, real snow is used too and this can last up to three days if stored correctly. One of the company’s machines is capable of producing a square meter of snow in two seconds. The different ways of producing the snow depend on what directors and producers of the movies want. A slow snowfall could be the requirement, different size of flakes could be used, the possibilities are endless and Crownshaw and his team can make it all happen. Crownshaw said, “You name it we’ve got it. There are more ways to make our snow than the Eskimos have words for it.”

The firm has even sold snow to places like Serbia (where there is certainly no shortage of real snow). “Even though we come up against real snow, sometimes ours is better – if you lie down in real snow its cold and wet – we supply film stars with comfy snow – sometimes on top of real snow.”, Crownshaw said. Below are images of some of Snowbusiness’s more prominent projects and works.

A scene from X-Men 2

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The Day After Tomorrow

 snowbusiness (5) snowbusiness (6)

James Bond

snowbusiness (8)

Harry Potter

snowbusiness (9)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

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Bridget Jones

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Members of the Snowbusiness crew preparing sets

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snowbusiness (7)

snowbusiness (4)

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