This Is How The Lighthouses Might Look Like In Future

Costa Concordia Lighthouse5

The Costa Concordia Disaster in 2012 was the greatest passenger shipwreck where more than 35 people lost their lives. The crash of the ship was due to many factors. One of which was the absence of a signalling system like Lighthouse to avoid dangerous areas in the seas. To commemorate this costly accident on the seas, a design competition was held to modernize the lighthouses to provide visual warning to sailors aboard a ship. More than 282 entries entered, and a final three were selected with the most viable designs and particular approach.
Costa Concordia Lighthouse4

Costa Concordia Lighthouse3 Costa Concordia Lighthouse5

Though the work was sizable, this was more intended as a design exercise to find out simple solutions for dangerous problems. The place of the lighthouse would be made Giglio Island, Tuscany. A design named Concordia Landscape won the first position among these three. It envisages a brightly lit bridge or a large scale installation than a singular lonely tower for the purpose. Although, I believe Lighthouses are an important part of Maritime history too. Starting from shore right out into the sea, this design incorporates a walkway and an assortment of beautifully designed beams. They would be lit up at night with 1,000 square meters of lighting powered by solar panels.

Costa Concordia Lighthouse2

Second placed design named Runner-up Silent compass doesn’t intend to give that much space to the¬†layout. It retains the centuries old shape with a tubular structure that rise to 64 m. It will have a copper based podium, and it will also be home to cafes or bars, and they will give some amazing views. A rainwater collections system and the farm will make it sure that the tower is based on green principles. An actual beacon would be lit on the topmost 14th storey.

Costa Concordia Lighthouse

The third design in the entry Catharsis is a little odd. It wants a labyrinth of steel structure constructed from the wreckage of Costa Concordia itself. The source of light would a be single bright beam pointing to the sky in the darkness. Honestly, to me it looks more like a disco than a lighthouse. Bloody architects!


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