This Is How Plasma Can Be Created Using Grapes

An experiment in a regular microwave has become popular with science enthusiasts recently. It is based on a grape that is placed in a microwave oven and within a short span of time, it turns into plasma. Plasma is the ‘fourth state of matter’, and it has been a source of intrigue for scientists and researchers ever since it was discovered.

It is a full-fledged experiment where if grapes are put in the microwave, their transition into plasma can be viewed. However, the experiment is not as easy as it seems. There are some conditions that have to be met before the experiment can become successful and results are achieved.

Research Article: Linking plasma formation in grapes to microwave resonances of aqueous dimers
by Hamza K. Khattak, Pablo Bianucci, and Aaron D. Slepkov

These conditions are that there have to be two grapes used in the experiment. If only one grape is used, it must e cut into two halves. The skin or the outer layers of the grape must be in contact when they are being microwaved. Owing to the shape of the fruit and its small size, it is difficult to make sure that the grapes stay in contact with each other when the microwave oven’s plate is being rotated. They have to be set at certain angles so the grapes are not separated during the process. If this happens, the results will not be up to the expectations and the whole process will have to be repeated. The other conditions include the refractive index of the grapes must be enough to trap the microwaves they are being exposed to.

When all of these conditions are met, there is a hot electromagnetic discharge from the grapes, turning them into plasma. The explanation behind the occurrence and possibility of the result is enunciated in the video.

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