This Is How Much A Human Body Is Worth In The Market


The demand for human spare parts has never been higher especially in the West. The increasing number of cancers, heart diseases, kidney failures and lung problems ensure that the demand for human organs and even tissues is increasing day-by-day. These operations cost a fortune for the patients, and their prices are increasing exponentially. But what will be the overall worth of a human body if all the parts were theoretically cut off and sold to the in demand patient market? But what one thing you need to be clear from the start; 90% of you are worth a lot more dead than alive. Oh, the irony!


Unfortunately, this is the reason a majority of the third world is home to a growing human parts’ black market. The parts are harvested from unfortunate people in return for paltry amounts money, preserved and sent to the richer nations for the transplant operation. Although, many of the countries have banned such black supply chain, they face problems of their own. In USA alone, 1700 dead bodies have gone missing in the recent years, and some of them were found later with parts removed. There also have been countless instances in which the body parts have been stolen by workers, and then the body is sewn shut. Other bizarre incidents include a famous case in which an employee of South-West Airlines found a stash of human heads in the cargo area. It was probably being smuggled for various donatable parts present in it.

Nevertheless, the supply of legal body parts is always short. Thousands of people die each day waiting for them. It is best if we promote a culture of organ donation at death. The parts are no use to us when we are dead, so it is better if they help other people out. They are going to decay and waste in a few years anyway.


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