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This Is How Mountain Bike Tires Are Made

Have you ever wondered about how the off-road mountain bike tires are created? The procedure for creating these tires is not a simple process. It is quite a complex process that needs the expertise of humans as well as robots to succeed.

First off, the mountain bike tires are wider, knobblier, and chunkier as opposed to the road bike tires. Why? Because they are to traverse the terrains that include mud, dirt, and slopes – all of which is far away from the relatively safe ride of smooth concrete.

Mountain bike tires are created by making use of a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber. The manufacturing process of these mountain bike tires is long but a fascinating one. The video that we are featuring today has been created by The Science Channel and will take you on a journey where you will see raw ingredients being transformed into an off-road ready mountain bike tires.

Much like many other everyday objects that we have come to take for granted, the actual process that creates these tires will surprise you. The process is intricate and features mixing, rolling, slicing, baking, and drying. Even after all of that has been done, the bike tire cannot get out of the factory until it clears a computer test to make sure that it will roll efficiently and smoothly.

What makes the whole process this interesting is the combination of robots and skilled technicians. You’d be surprised to know that despite the fact that millions of tires are getting produced each year, there are phases of production where skilled humans and their expertise is required to get the job done.

We would love to explain more, but The Science Channel has done a much better job than us and we would really rather that you watch the video and learn it for yourself. So, check out the video below but do let us know what you think of it!

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