This Is How Invisibility Cloaks Work To Make You Disappear


Many times we just wish to disappear into thin air when faced with embarrassing situations or angry teachers. Thankfully, with the advancing technology on reflective panels, you would be able to do just that and escape without anybody noticing within a few years.

invisibility cloak4

The reflective panel technology has been in the infancy for quite a long time. Ever since the advent of Sci-fiction and popular space odysseys, the invisibility technology has been a source of excitement for the public. Research has also thrived as a result in this field and productive results are being posted every now and then. Japanese engineers have developed a retro-reflective panel network based on projection technology.

The working of the invisibility cloak is pretty simple in theory, but harder to achieve in reality. Currently, it isn’t working on all angles, but only at a perpendicular direction from the surface area. There are high-speed cameras installed at both front and back. They record what is happening in the area under their lens and then feed it to the projector on the opposite side. In this way, the onlooker sees “through” the cloak and the cloaked person doesn’t appear to be there. But, there is a considerable drawback to this development as the projectors cannot maintain the image needed to appear invisible at all angles. Thus, it can be used as a cloak, but it can be used as an invisible wall or any similar stationary purpose.

invisibility cloak2

Only military and intelligence uses of invisibility are being highlighted in the media. There are numerous other civilian and social benefits too like it will enable drivers and pilot to see through their crafts to handle certain emergencies or previously impossible maneuvers. This technology will also help in eliminating blind spots during traveling resulting in decreased frequency of traffic accidents.

But no matter what, the greatest attraction for us in this will be the freedom to roam around undetected and observing the world while being invisible. Here is the video of the cloak’s working:


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