This Is How Huge The C-5 Galaxy Is

Glaxy C5 size

The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is the biggest military transport aircraft on earth. The image below gives a glimpse of how big the C-5 Galaxy is.

Glaxy C5 size

C-5 galaxy size

Wingspan: 68 m
Length: 75 m
Range: 11,705 km
Fuel capacity: 193,600 L
Weight: 172,400 kg
Engine type: General Electric TF39
Manufacturers: Lockheed Corporation, Lockheed Martin

Here is a video


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    I got my daughter out and was carrying her and she stops me and starts pointing at the sky and I look up and see ataking off bank right and fly overhead, it was deafening loud and utterly terrifying to have this behemoth cruising over us. However as I looked around no one else gave a shit, they were all so used to it despite the size and noise no one even noticed it was so ordinary to them as it was to me. But when my daughter pointed it out I recognized how awesomely terrifying it really was.

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