This Is How Future Bedrooms Will Look Like

Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living4

How would the bedroom of future look like? Let’s take a look at what Betta Living suggests about the appearance of a future bedroom. For those of you who are not aware of it, Betta Living is a bedroom furniture firm. Today’s post is about what Betta Living believes the future bedroom will feel and look like.Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living6

Let’s kick off with the morning; as per Betta Living, the mirrored glass that is located on the wardrobe door shall be taken over by virtual mirrors. Oral B has already come up with a smart mirror prototype similar for bathroom and according to Betta Living, such mirrors will become a common thing in bedrooms in about 5 years. The mirror, of interactive nature, will display the contents of your wardrobe and users shall also be able to virtually try clothes on them by using gestural technology and micro-tagging.Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living7

The amazing mirror will also double up as user’s personal stylist which will be able to suggest what people should wear based on weather and events. Users shall also have the facility to make online purchases and find matching shoes and accessories to the existing items. Clear glass windows will be superseded by smart windows, allowing the users to see scenes of their choice while also automating the windows to time of the day. The smart window would transform into an interactive screen to watch TV, check up on weather and navigate through social media accounts. Samsung has a similar design known as Transparent Smart Window. As for mattresses and beds, a cantilever mechanism will be used to store them in the ceiling instead of walls.Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living4

The bed that would disappear into the ceiling at the touch of a button must be very high-tech. It will have multiple sensors for the users to set optimal temperature, monitor the body temperature and raise alarm in case of an emergency. The in-built cooling mechanism of the bed will cool down the user’s body to match optimal temperature in order to prevent night sweats. Pillows shall have light technology incorporated into them and will light up gradually as the user wakes up.Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living5

Future bedrooms will induct automation systems that will personalize even minor things to meet a user’s needs and requirements. Moreover, the bedroom will make way for a home gym, upon elevating the bed. The intended gym will be similar to Domyos Training Box which shall house a weight lifting bar, different set of weights, weight bench, cardio setup and mat in a storage box.

The flooring could be interchangeable by a simple press of a button whereas the room shall be decorated with 3D frames, ornaments, vases and other stuff that will be designed and made at home. By making use of Roomba vacuums or Dyson’s automated vacuums, user shall be able to clean the room. Barry Rourke said, “Our bedroom of the future is all about multi-functionality to make the most of space, fabulous design and making home comforts even more sophisticated.”Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living Future Bedroom – Vision of Betta Living3

“As people flock to popular urban areas, domestic spaces are shrinking but in our transformative bedroom, even the smallest of spaces will not restrict the homeowners in the future. Windows will adapt to whatever we want our view to be and interactive living surfaces will mean we have access to our lives and wardrobe in one clever screen. Even the traditional bed will become tech driven and be linked to everything else in the room by clever sensors and smartphones. There are so many exciting things being developed that our problem designing the bedroom of the future was what to leave out.”


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    This is a GREAT idea and I’m going to be working on my own personal design for my mobile camper; which is just the right size for a project like this!!!!!
    I need something to do for the winter anyways 😉

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