This Is How Engine Braking Works In Diesel And Gasoline Cars

Engine braking

Most of you engineers are probably familiar with the term of engine braking or will nod your heads once we tell you because we know the phenomenon but don’t know the actual word for it. Now engine braking is regarding the power of the engine to create a braking effect on the vehicle. So, now you get what we are talking about here? But, many people have the misunderstanding that engine braking is only done in big lousy diesel engine cars where rotational brakes cannot be applied. Since the braking force needed is too much, we rely more on engine braking rather than wheel braking. But, it isn’t a mechanism limited to Diesel engines. There is also a method of engine braking used in gasoline cars. Here is an in-depth explanation of all kinds of engine brakes available in automobiles:

I hope you enjoyed this in-depth discussion about the innovative way of stopping vehicles. It is interesting to see how the gasoline engine braking is much different than Diesel engine braking. The gasoline engines use the formation of a vacuum to slow down the engine and thus, the vehicle itself.

engine breaking2

One of the diesel methods is the exact opposite to gasoline breaking. It uses compression to choke the engine since it is a diesel motor and doesn’t have spark plugs at all. The other one is a little complex and is called the Jake Brake after the company that created it. So, what the system does is release the compression from the engine in such a way that the effective fuel combustion isn’t achieved in the diesel engine. It is not as simple as it sounds as a number of valves and other systems have to work in sequence to make it happen.

So, can you make an alternative way of engine braking or have you seen it anywhere else? Do let us know in the comments!


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