This Is How Diamonds Are Extracted


Extraction of DiamondsDiamonds are for forever and that is true. Diamonds are used for many purposes other than just jewellery. Finding diamonds and their extraction is quite an art. They are not available at all places and once found their extraction must be carried out with utmost efficiency and care. Our today’s article deals with how diamonds are extracted in Russia’s region of Ural. Ural is basically not a huge diamond source of Russia and actually makes up only 1% of the overall Russia’s diamonds extraction. However, over here they do make use of a very interesting machine known as dredge.

Extraction of Diamonds 3The terrain, as expected, is not very easy to navigate or work at. It is extremely difficult topography and as expected there isn’t much variety of cars to be spotted here. The only vehicles which can be seen here are trucks which are transporting either logs or diamonds. For security reasons, the diamond trucks are made to resemble bakery trucks.

Diamond Truck

Security, however, is not the prime concern of the people here at Ural. The substation territory employs a bolt which dates back to the 19th century for the lockdown.

Diamond mine

The machine, dredge, makes use of scoops which are located at the front to scoop out the soil that contains diamonds. It is then taken into the machine. Here diamonds are separated from the soil and soil is conveyed to the back into a big pipe. The first diamond discovery in Russia was made in this region. Diamond industry became operational in the 1940s.

Extracting Diamonds 1 Extracting Diamondsextracting diamonds 3

Extraction of Diamonds 2Although this peculiar machine is quite fascinating many locals believe that this machine does more harm than good as it changes land features of rivers and banks bringing about drastic changes to the location where it is operating.

Today, diamonds are one of the most sought after luxuries. They come in various sizes and price range. You can buy some fine cut diamonds on places like Amazon.



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