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This Is How A Fire Hydrant Really Works

fire hydrant

Fire hydrants are installed almost everywhere on the streets all over the world. However, there are very few people who really know how a fire hydrants work. Concerning Reality (CR) has made an easy step by step video which explains the function of a fire hydrant in the USA. The designs of the fire hydrants vary across the world. The fire hydrants in USA can supply water to firefighters at 1500 gallons per minute.

Fire hydrants were invented in 1801. They have a connection point which connects to a fire hose and a nut and bolt which are used to start the flow of the water. The hydrant is a physical part of the city’s main potable water line. When a firefighter connects to a hydrant, the flow of water through the main line is not affected. The riser or connection from the from the line to the hydrant provides pressured water to the firefighters which can be used as per their need.

Concerning Reality explained that in the US there are two kinds of hydrants, wet barrel hydrants, and dry barrel hydrants. The wet barrel hydrants are used in those areas where the freezing temperatures are uncommon. Dry barrels are used where the temperature often falls below zero. Within the cities, the hydrants can also be of different types which are represented by their color. In the US, the colors of the hydrants are white, yellow, red, and pink or violet. Inspection of all the hydrants is done regularly so that they can be ready whenever an emergency comes.

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