This Is Europe’s First Fully 3D Printed House

3D-printed 3D Housing 05

Arup and CLS Architetti have revealed a 3D-printed house in Milan during the Salone del Mobile design fair. It is still just a prototype but the project seems like a pretty practical idea for daily living. The house was conceived to demonstrate the efficiency of 3D printing technology and was constructed much like other 3D-printed architecture projects. A cement mixture was extruded from a nozzle in layers to build up the walls of the home before installing doors and windows into it.

A very notable difference as compared to other 3D-printed projects is that the 3D Housing 05 uses a robotic manipulator which is mounted on a movable base instead of using a typical static printer. This feature has increased flexibility a lot. The robot costs US$432,000. The area comprises of a total of 100 sqm of floor space which is divided into a living room with table and chairs, a bedroom with double bed, kitchen with a kitchenette and a small dining area. There is also a bathroom with bath, toilet, sink and seating. The interior and fittings are very high-end and also include brass window frames and a chandelier.

The 3D-printed house also has a terrace roof which can be reached by exterior steps. There is also some greenery to soften the rough appearance. The 3D Housing 05 project will be relocated once the Salone del Mobile comes to an end. Arup continues to be very keen on exploring 3D printing technology and is involved in other similar projects as well.

Fingers crossed for a 3D printed future!

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